facebook-tracking-pixelIRCA | ROMAN FOCACCIA - QUICK RECIPE


white bread flour - medium strenght - 200/220W g 1.000
salt g 30
fresh yeast g 30
extra virgin olive oil g 30
water - the dose of water varies depending on the absorption capacity of the flour you use g 1.400-1.500


In a spiral kneading machine, knead the ingredients adding 2/3 of the dose of water. 

Let the dough turn for 3-4 minutes at second speed, then add the remaining water in 3 or 4 times.

Make sure that the poured water has been adsorbed before adding more.

The kneading time shall be approximately 15-20 minutes.

Put the dough into an oiled bowl and let it rest for 45 minutes at 25°C. 

Overturn the bowl onto a well-floured board and portion the dough out into loaves of 800-900g each. 

Shape each loaf into an oval. 

Put the loaves in oiled stackable boxes and let rise at 28°C for 2-3 hours.

Final composition

Sprinkle the work surface with durum wheat flour, then overturn a loaf onto it and sprinkle flour onto the dough surface too.

Press the loaf with your finger, to wide and flatten it, in order to shape a focaccia.

Transfer the focaccia onto a baker’s peel, remove any excess flour, then evenly drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle with salt.

Bake the focaccia for 9 minutes at 260-270°C, until it take a brownish tint on.

ADVICE: In order to make the production more flexible, it is possible to pre-bake the focaccia following these instructions. Bake at 260-270°C for 6-7 minuti, then let cool down. Package the bases of focaccia into food containers or food bag made of plastic to avoid drying, reserve in the fridge for no longer than 3 days. When necessary, bake at 260°C for 3-4 minutes until brownish.


Soft wheat flour base - diced tomato, raw ham, buffalo milk mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil. COLD

Wholemeal flour base - speck, Malga or Taleggio cheese, sautéed mushrooms. COLD

Durum wheat flour - Mozzarella (melted), Mortadella, Emmenthal, pistachio oil.

Korn Fit base - diced peeled tomato, Bresaola, goat's cheese, rocket. COLD.

Curcubread base - Mozzarella (melted), cooked ham, confit cherry tomatoes.

Vitamais base - Mozzarella (melted), Gorgonzola cheese, walnut kernels, chives.

Gran Rustico base - Mozzarella (melted), grilled vegetables, balsamic vinegar glaze.

Gran Mediterraneo base - Stracchino cheese, swordfish carpaccio, caramelized onions.

To make the "cold" versions, bake the base as explained, let cool down until lukewarm, then top with the chosen ingredients, without further baking.

To make the other options bake the base and, when right out of the oven, spread Mozzarella on top and return to the oven for 1 minute to melt it. Remove from the oven and top with the other ingredients.


With SFIZIO CROCK, it is possible to personalize your own roman focaccia. White bread flour can be replaced either by durum wheat flour or by whole wheat flour, using the same recipe, or you can choose to replace it with one of our bread mixes such as KORN FIT, CURCUBREAD, VITAMAIS, GRAN RUSTICO and GRAN MEDITERRANEO, but in this case you have to add just 10g of salt instead of 30g.