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On this page you will find the best recipes designed and developed by our ambassadors encapsulated in easy-to-read and easy-to-use cookbooks.

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Under the spotlight you will find the cookbooks of the moment, those cookbooks that pictures the new products and the most current trends so you won't miss any news. Scrolling down, you will found the cookbooks divided by category: Pastry, Gelato, Chocolate and Gluten free.

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The best of chocolate

The best praline recipes created and selected for you by our Ambassadors.
Preparations in which chocolate and unexpected fillings come together in irresistible flavor combinations. 

We'll go from the more traditional combinations like the classic coffee and chocolate match, to more unique ones like banana and caramel.

Start melting chocolate and get ready to renew  your praline offerings with our cookbook.

Gluten free recipes

Expand your offer with our gluten-free products and recipes, the perfect combination for those seeking wellness, without sacrificing taste and variety

Get inspired by the gluten free recipes selected by our Ambassadors: sweet and savory, classic and modern, for beginners and experts.

Create your own cookbook

Our preparations evolve over time, just as we do. 

With our "Add to Cookbook" website feature you can now select the recipes that most represent you, creating super-customized cookbooks either to browse digitally or to print out. Once you've enjoyed the cookbook you can simply empty it and start over again, selecting new amazing recipes. 

Here's how it works, now it's your turn.