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New entry in our Finest line: a fine anhydrous cream with 10% salted caramel white chocolate (fleur de sel) and crunchy caramel inclusions for a surprising "crumble" effect on the palate.

It is an ideal product for the covering of cakes that must be stored at room temperature and in the refrigerator.

It is extremely fluid already at 32-35 º C, so as to facilitate the creation of a thin cover. Resistant to freezing. It does not contain gluten or hydrogenated fats.

With CHOCOSMART CARAMEL CRUMBLE you get a crumbled glaze with a thick and dry consistency, which guarantees a clean cut without cracks.

It is also excellent as a deliciousfilling cream ideal for cakes, tartlets, pralines, single servings, eclaire and cream puffs. To obtain it, melt it at 28/30° C and dress it directly in the product or mount it in a planetary mixer to obtain a softer consistency, ideal to be used in a sac à poche.

Main benefits

- versatile: ideal for covering, filling and filling

- is already fluid at 32-35°

- dense and dry

- resistant to freezing

- ready for use

Use this product for

Product details

COD 01010112


- With 10% white chocolate with salted caramel

- With caramel inclusions

- Gluten-free

- Hydrogenated fat-free


Heat CHOCOSMART CARAMEL to a temperature of 32-35°C in a bain-marie or microwave oven (400-500W), stir and pour directly into the product.
- To obtain an even covering, you are advised to gently shake the products gently on a suitable rack, and not to use a spatula.
- For partial covering, dip the products in melted CHOCOSMART at 32-35°C.
Allow CHOCOSMART CARAMEL CRUMBLE to reach room temperature (20-22°C) and then whip in a mixer equipped with paddle at medium speed for a short time until the volume has doubled.
overworking the product in the mixer, due to the excessive heating thereof, can compromise the final volume of the whipped cream.
Realize the shell of pralines, tablets, bars, Easter eggs and similar preparations.
Melt CHOCOSMART CARAMEL in a bain-marie at 32-35°C or in microwave oven (400-500W).
Fill with CHOCOSMART CARAMEL and lets crystallize for some minutes the filling, after that close with another coating of tempered chocolate.

Allergens / Contaminations


  • Soybeans
  • Milk


  • Nuts

Technical Denomination

spreadable cream. Semi-finished product for pastry use.