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The all-round chocolate inclusion

WOULD YOU LIKE your baked products TO BECOME even more irresistible? 

Goccioloni are the ideal product, as they can keep their shape and consistency even after baking, allowing you to fully enjoy the unique taste of IRCA chocolate.

They are perfect for panettone, colombe, cakes and cookies because they do not stain the dough and do not damage the glutinous mesh, thanks to their rounded shape. They resist up to a temperature of 200 ºC without melting, while maintaining the typical "snap" of quality chocolate even after baking.

These pure drops of taste will surprise your customers by offering a unique and intense experience with every taste.

Chocolate ciambella riminese

Not all doughnuts come out with a hole, just like the Romagnola doughnut: different from the other ones but incredibly tasty. A simple and rustic sweet, perfect for breakfast or as a dessert. 

Choco Caramel Veneziana

The starring character of the holidays, covered with a delicious caramel coating and with surprising milk chocolate drops, for the softest and roundest taste.

the ambassador's tips

  • Add the chocolate drops only at the end of the dough, to keep their shape even during baking. 
  • If you want to make a medium or big leavened product, let the Goccioloni rest in the fridge the night before the second dough. Bring them back to room temperature only when you start to knead, in order to maintain shape and consistency, without coloring the dough. 

Discover how to they were created

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