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Powdered mix with chocolate chips, specially designed for cold process making of stracciatella flavoured mousses, bavarois and chilled desserts. Quick and easy to use in cold process, it is an excellent replacement for sheet gelatin. Freeze-stable, guaranteed clean-cut results. Neutral flavour version can be also used to make fresh liquid cream stable and firmer when whipped.

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Product details

COD 01070583


LILLY STRACCIATELLA____________ 250 g
water or milk (15-20°C)________ 200 g
cream (4-5°C)__________________ 1000 g
Whip the cream, water or milk and LILLY STRACCIATELLA in a planetary mixer with a whisk. Put in the apposite moulds and place in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours or in a freezer for at least 40 minutes.
The product may also be used with the indirect method by previously mixing LILLY STRACCIATELLA with the water or milk using a whisk and then adding the unsweetened and slightly whipped cream.
In order to obtain a striking presentation, cover or decorate with one of the MIRROR range products, using the flavour of your choice.

Allergens / Contaminations


  • Soybeans
  • Milk

Technical Denomination

semifinished product for cream cakes.