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Special pizza & focaccia powdered mix, easy to combine with other ingredients. 50% concentrate, it allows you to personalize your own dough by adding other IRCA mix or flours of your choosing. Ready-to-use, it doesn't need a first dough and will please you with guaranteed results over time. Due to the long rising time, your products will be characterized by a long-lasting texture and perfect to be consumed even without heating.

Main benefits

Included dried sourdough will enhance flavour, aroma and digestibility. The mix can be used in two different ways: according to the traditional recipe, the dough needs to rest in the fridge for a leavening time of 16/20 hours, as an alternative, you can follow the quick method, with a 2-3 hour rise in the dough proofer. Both produce outstanding results. In order to improve production efficiency, you can freeze your products after pre-baking, otherwise you can just store it room temperature as well. Great adaptability to any available equipment (refrigerator, dough proofer, retarder-proofer, etc.).

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Product details

COD 01080463


Contains dried sourdough


Focaccia Romana Sfizio Crock
Sfizio Crock________________________________________g 1.000
wheat flour (200/220 W)_____________________________g 1.000
Salt________________________________________________g 30
Yeast_______________________________________________g 10
Extra virgin olive oil______________________________g 30
Water_______________________________________________g 1.400/1.500*
*water quantity can change depending on quality of flour
Mixing time
(spiral kneading machine) 4 minutes on first speed and another 8-10 minutes on second speed
Dough temperature 25-26°C
Proofing 60 minutes at 25-26°C
Scaling weights 800/900 grams
Rising 16 hrs at 5°C, after 60 mins at 24-25°C, then 120 mins at 28°C
Baking around 9 minutes at 260-270°C, giving steam

KNEADING: around 16 minutes (referred to spiral kneading machines). Start kneading all the ingredients with just 1 liter of water; when the dough is formed and presents a good elasticity, add the remaining water in 3/4 shots making sure that it is completely absorbed. Knead in any case until you get an elastic dough.
RESTING TIME: put the dough in a greased box and let rest for 60 minutes at 25-26°C.
SHAPING: divide in the desired pieces, roll up the dough shaping oval loaves and place them in a greased box .
RISING: put the dough at 5°C for 16 hours. The next day, place it at 24-25°C for 60 minutes so they can get warmer, then put it in a proofing chamber at 28°C for 120 minutes.
FORMING: Place a loaf upside down on a table abundantly floured with durum wheat semolina and dust the surface too. Thin and stretch the dough using your fingers in order to obtain a rectangular shape.
BAKING: remove the flour in excess and place the dough on a bread peel, drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and salt and bake for 9 minutes at 260/270 ° C.

Allergens / Contaminations


  • Cereals


  • Soybeans
  • Milk
  • Sesame
  • Sesame

Technical Denomination

semifinished product for focaccia and pizza "Romana" style.