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BAGUETTE D'OR g 10.000
water g 6.000-6.300
fresh yeast g 250
salt g 200-220


BAGUETTE D'ORg 10.000 Water g 6.000-6.300 Yeast g 250 Salt g200-220 Kneading time: 15 minuti (spiral kneading machine)Dough temperature: 25-27°CFirst resting: 10 minutes at 22-24°CWeight scaling: pieces weighing 250g and 35-40cm longSecond resting: 10 minutesShaping: manual or mechanicalLeavening: 60 minutes at 28-30°C with relative humidity ofl 80%Baking: 25-30 minutes at 240-250°CKNEADING: the kneading time of 15 minutes refers to spiral kneading machines; those with plunging arms require more time. Continue in any case kneading until a smooth, elastic dough is obtained.RESTING: let the dough rest according to the a.m. times.WEIGHT SCALING: manual or mechanical.SECOND RESTING: after having rolled up and lightly lengthened the pieces of dough, let rest for 10 minutes. LEAVENING: place in rising room at 28-30°C and with relative humidity of 80% for 50-60 minutes.BAKING: before carrying out the characteristic 5 or 7 diagonal cuts, leave the baguettes exposed to the air for about 5 minutes so that their surface dry out slightly. Bake at 240-250°C for 25-30 minutes. Open the valve 10 minutes before removing from oven.
Recipe created for you by Fabio Birondi

Chef Executive, Pastry Chef and Chocolatier