facebook-tracking-pixelIRCA | Schiacciatine


water g 400
olive oil g 80
fresh yeast g 50
dried rosemary g 10


GRANCRACKERg 1.000 Water at 20-24°C g 400 Olive oil g 80 Yeast g 50 Dried rosemary g 10 Kneading time: 10 minutes (mixer) Dough temperature: 26-27°C Resting: 15 minutes at 24-26°C Leavening: 30 minutes at 28-30°C with relative humidity of 70-80%. Baking: 10 minutes at 220-230°C KNEADING: knead all the ingredients together in a mixer for 10 minutes until a smooth consistency is obtained. RESTING: leave the dough to rest at 24-26°C for 15 minutes then roll out to a thickness of1-3 mm and place on greased sheets. LEAVENING: leave to rise at 28-30°C with relative humidity of 70-80% for 30 minutes. SHAPING: use a pastry cutter to create the characteristic 'schiacciatine' shapes of the required size, brush with oil, prick with a suitable tool, and sprinkle with salt. BAKING: bake at 220-230°C for about 10 minutes. As a variation to the recipe, the rosemary can be replaced by saffron, chilli powder, sesame or paprika.