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flour g 10.000
YORK HP g 100
fresh yeast g 200
salt g 200
water g 7.000-7.500


Wheat meal g 10.000 YORK HPg 100 MALTEXg 50 Yeast g 200 Salt g 200 Water g 7.000-7.500 Kneading time: about 15 minutes (spiral kneading machine) Dough temperature: 24-25°C Resting: 60 minutes at room temperature (20-22°C) Weight scaling: 250-300g pieces Leavening: 45-50 minutes at 22-24°C Baking: 220-230°C according to the size of the pieces KNEADING: the water should be added gradually; continue kneading until a smooth, perfectly uniform consistency is obtained. RESTING: leave to rest at room temperature (20-22°C) for 60 minutes. WEIGHT SCALING AND SHAPING: divide into 250-300g pieces, roll up into balls and place on well floured boards. LEAVENING: leave to rise at room temperature (22-24°C) for 45-50 minutes. BAKING: turn the ciabattas upside down and place them on baking sheets, pressing them down lightly with your finger tips. Bake at 220-230°C with humidity,time depending on the size of the pieces. Open the valve 5 minutes before the end of the baking.