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water g 250-300
eggs g 100
unsalted butter 82% fat g 50
fresh yeast g 40


PANDORA SALATAg 1.000 Water g 250-300 Whole eggs g 100 Butter or cream margarine g 50 Yeast g 40 KNEADING: knead all the ingredients together until a smooth, velvety consistency is obtained, roll up and leave to rest at room temperature for 20-25 minutes. METHOD: divide into 750 or 1.000 g pieces, roll up and place in suitable paper moulds.LEAVENING: leave in a rising room at 28-30°C for about two hours, until the top of the dough almost sticks out of the mould.BAKING: glaze with egg and bake at 200°C, 35-40 minutes for 750 gramme pieces and 45-50 minutes for those weighing 1.000 grammes.