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Bread-long loaves-toasting bread-canapés with potatoes (Pat-Dor)

Difficulty level


PAT-DOR g 8.000
water g 5500-6000
strong flour g 2.000
fresh yeast g 400
olive oil g 400


PAT-DOR g 8.000 Water g 5.500-6.000 Wheat meal g 2.000 Yeast g 400 Olive oil g 400 KNEADING TIME (spiral kneading machine): about 10 minutes RESTING: 10-15 minutes at 24°C WEIGHT SCALING: 300g or 70g pieces SHAPING LEAVENING: 40-50 minutes BAKING: 40 minutes at 220°C for 300g pieces 20 minutes at 220°C for 70g pieces KNEADING: the kneading time refers to spiral kneading machines, those with plunging arms require more time. In any case continue kneading until the dough is very elastic. NOTE: considering the high percentage of dried potato present in the product, particular attention must be paid so as not to 'weaken' the dough. RESTING: leave the dough to rest at 24°C for 10-15 minutes. WEIGHT SCALING: divide the dough into pieces of the desired weight, roll into balls or long loaf shapes and leave to rise on floured boards, covered with sheets.BAKING: following the above mentioned baking times, it is advisable to open the valve towards the end of the baking, so as to allow the bread to dry out well