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SOFTER g 1000
eggs g 1200
sugar g 100


Whip all the ingredients in a planetary mixer with a whisk attachment for 10-12 minutes at medium-high speed.

Spread the whipped mixture evenly in a 0.5cm layer onto baking trays lined with parchment paper (about 600-700g of mixture for a 60x40cm tray).

Bake in a deck oven for 6-7 minutes at 200-220°C (closed valve).

Let cool down for a few minutes, then cover with plastic sheets to avoid drying and refrigerate the rollè until you have to use it.


- For best results, we recommend to measured the doses out so that they are proportionate to the volume of bowl of the planetary mixer.

- Very cold temperature of eggs and water reduce the volume of the whipped mixture: if the eggs you use are pasteusized at about 5°C, it is important to extend the whipping.

- You can replace water with eggs to further improve the chararacteristic of softness and flavour of the end products.



CONFETTURA ALBICOCCA - or another flavour at your choosing To Taste


COVERDECOR DARK CHOCOLATE - or another flavour at your choosing To Taste

Final composition

To make Swiss Roll, overturn the sponge layer, drizzle it with liqueur or soaking syrups, then cover it evenly with a creamy spread (buttercream, custard, ganache, CONFETTURE DI FRUTTA or NOCCIOLATA).

Roll it up until it reaches the desidered diameter, then finish by coating with chocolate or COVERDECOR and decorate with GRANELLA DI NOCCIOLA and CODETTE.

For better results, we recommend to refrigerate for a few hours before slicing.


The base of the Swiss Roll lends itself to many recipe and it is perfect in combination with mousse, bavaroise, charlotte and frozen desserts.