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type 00 white flour - 240 W Kg 5
water Kg 5
sunflower oil g 400
fresh yeast g 250



Temperature of the dough at 26-27°C
Knead time (spiral mixer) 13 minutes
Resting for 5 minutes at 22-24°C  
Proofing for 80-90 minutes at 28-30°C
Baking with steam at 210-220°C for 25 minutes.

DOUGH: knead for 3 minutes on first speed and for 9-10 minutes on second speed. Specified times are for spiral mixers, knead until you obtain a smooth and elastic dough. 
RESTING: let it rest at 22-24°C for 5 minutes.
SCALING: divide the dough into 500 grams pieces for 10x10x20 cm moulds.  
SHAPING: shape the dough pieces into cylinders of the length of the moulds. Place them in lightly oiled moulds.
PROOFING: place in the proofer at 28-30°C with relative humidity of 75-80% for about 80-90 minutes. Control the proofing process and when the dough reaches ¾ of the mould close with the corresponding and previously oiled lids.
BAKING: bake at 210-220°C for about 25 minutes.
As soon as it is out of the oven unmould the bread and let it cool on racks.

Final composition

The product can be packed in polythene bags as soon as it reaches a core temperature lower than 25°C. If cool stored, the product can last up to 7-10 days.

Marco De Grada
Marco De Grada

Pastry Chef, Chocolatier and Baker

Recipe created for you by Marco De Grada