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White chocolate cream for frosting and coating. It perfectly lends itself to the addition of flavours, you just have to unleash your creativity (with anhydrous flavouring substances and/or oily essences). The range of products also includes milk chocolate, dark chocolate and palm oil free dark chocolate versions.

Main benefits

Easy and clean cut guaranteed, with no risk of cracking or breaking of the coating. You can whip Chocosmart in a planetary mixer with a paddle attachment, to get a softer texture, suitable for pastry bag use.

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Product details

COD 01010198


CHOCOSMART CIOCCOLATO BIANCO paste is perfectly suitable for coating of cakes, cream puffs, 'Semifreddi' etc.
CHOCOSMART CIOCCOLATO BIANCO is ideal for all types of coating and presents the following features:
- ease to cut without superficial breakings,
- possibility to aromatize with orange, coffee, mint, torrone, hazelnuts paste, rum, cognac, etc.
-stability also at low temperatures.
Heat in water-bath at 32/35°C, mix and pour directly onto the cake that have to be coated.
To obtain an uniform cover it is advisable to lightly brandish the cake on the apposite grids avoiding the use of broad knife.
To aromatize CHOCOSMART CIOCCOLATO BIANCO paste heat in water-bath at 32/35°C and add flavours, alkoholates, hazelnuts grits, etc mixing with care.
CHOCOSMART CIOCCOLATO BIANCO paste lends itself as alternative to common butter creams and allow to obtain exquisite and velvety creams with dark chocolate taste.
Naturally it is possible to add the favourite flavouring essence.
DIRECTION TO USE: whip in planetary at medium speed for short time. An excessive work in planetary compromises the final volume of the cream.
CHOCOSMART CIOCCOLATO BIANCO paste is an excellent filling for pralines and do not require any preliminary work; it is sufficient to keep the product at the temperature of 22/24°C for some hours.
For possible flavourings, heat in water bath at 32/35°C and add the chosen flavour mixing with care.

Allergens / Contaminations


  • Soybeans
  • Milk


  • Nuts

Technical Denomination

spreadable cream. Semi-finished product for confectionery use.