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type 00 white flour - (300-320W) g 10.000
water - at 5-10°C g 4.000
g 500
caster sugar g 200
full-fat milk powder g 300
salt g 200
fresh yeast g 200
VIS g 100


Knead all the ingredients for about 15 minutes (spiral kneading machine), until the dough is smooth.

Anyway, keep on kneading until the dough is well elastic.

Make sure that the temperature of the dough at the end of the kneading is 26-27°C.

Roll the dough into a cylindrical shape with a rolling bread machine, then divide the dough into 1200g portions.

Create some plaits by plating two pieces of dough, then place them into greased pans for pullman bread.

Press the dough well into the pans and transfer in the proofer room at 28-30°C, with relative humidity of the 70% approximately.

Final composition

When the dough has almost risen to the edge of the pan, cover it with its lid and wait for the dough to come to touch it.

Now, bake at 210-220°C for about 55 minutes.